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Hendeyah Museum of Art is one of the largest Art museums in jordan. Take a look into the great artistic, cultural and educational institution.

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Youth Ministry


Enjoy your stay and the great view with a full stomach. learn more about the main kitchen, and also get introduced to our fine-dining Rucola.

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(Ziryab Theatre) is an Outdoor amphitheater representing wonderful artistic and cultural performances. Do not miss out.

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Art Gallery

Sami Hindiyeh Art Gallery, a great exhibition space promoting arabic artists. A great hub for artists and an everchanging element of the center.

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Never get bored. The center accommodates the first mini golf course in Jordan. This is a group activity for all ages.

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Jalaad Cultural Center

Jalaad Cultural Center is positioned on the highlands behind the Scandinavian Forest, having an amazing view over both the city of Amman and the mountains of Al-Salt. The center aims to provide memorable experience of arts practiced in many forms.

Samy Hendeyah

The Center is inspired by Samy Hendeyah and his amazing collection of art.

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Friday between 11am and midnight
Weekdays between 11am

and 9 pm


Jalaad Cultural Center
Um Aldananeer, Balqa, Jordan


Fun and casual for
all ages and families